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Did you know?

The electric chair was invented in 1889 Thomas Edison, the genius who gave us the lighting bulb we still use today, invented the electric chair back in the days, in 1889. The purpose of this…

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8 Fun facts

The average life-span of a sofa is 2,958 days (that’s roughly 8 years). The oldest bookcase in the world is located in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University – which is also one of the ol…

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Some history

Chairs started to be popular only in the 16th century For hundreds and even thousands of years, people used to sit on various other items such as stones or benches made from different materi…

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Tips to arrange furniture

Bring in Your Largest, Necessary Piece of Furniture In the living room, this would be your sofa; in the bedroom, your bed; and in the dining room, your table. This piece of furniture must be…

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Fact or Fiction?

Fact: Thomas Edison—the inventor of the light bulb and one of the first to build cast-concrete houses (see Famous Concrete Homes)—came up with the idea of using concrete to make furniture ba…

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New Year, New Deals

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