8 Fun facts

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8 Fun facts

  1. The average life-span of a sofa is 2,958 days (that’s roughly 8 years). The oldest bookcase in the world is located in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University – which is also one of the oldest libraries in Europe.
  2. After a house and a car, upholstery is usually the third most expensive item a person will buy during their lifetime.
  3. Have you ever wondered who invented the office chair? It was none-other than Charles Darwin in the 1800s, who added wheels to his chair to get around his study quicker.
  4. Throughout a sofa‘s life, it will host roughly 782 visitors.
  5. An average sofa is used as a place to sit while eating a meal 13 Xs a month. That translates into (1,261 meals over the sofa’s lifetime).
  6. The oldest known chairs were ceremonial furniture from Ancient Egypt 5,000 years ago.
  7. Chairs didn’t come into common use until the 16th century. Before then people sat on stones or wooden benches.
  8. Why do kings sit on thrones? In early history, chairs or thrones were generally used by people of higher society. People with less calibre sat on stools.

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